Minecraft Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch

its cheap and fun

Check out this nice Minecraft watch for kids!

It comes in a very nice and presentable box with microUSB cable and a user guide.

The build quality here is rather decent.

This watch charges pretty quickly and stays on for a few days, no complains there

The screen is bright and the touch menu is responsive.

The built-in memory is tiny, so we will open these 4 screws and put in an SD card.
Make sure to format it as FAT32, any other format, wont work…

I know that 64 gigabits is an overkill for this watch but its my only spare card…

So this watch has a few educational games and has a camera and a voice recorder and it can even count steps. It all works well and it keeps kids excited and preoccupied at least for a day or two.

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