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the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is a very cool concept, but it’s a product I wouldn’t wholesale recommend to every business as is. It’s a first-shot execution of a good idea, while the PC itself is a solid, if not muscular, work computer. Its performance level may indeed be fine for many users, but given that it’s not cheap, you can find other desktops that deliver more performance, similar speed for much less money, or at least more ports and features.

many ways to setup this thing

If you’re shopping for a company, the form factor is convenient and space-saving, even if it comes with some cabling hassles and growing pains. The stand solution is elegant for a business PC, and the upside is clear. Even if it’s not a great fit for every workforce, it certainly works, and if it fits your needs I can recommend it as a viable option. Being able to swap out your space-saving PC while retaining your investment in the display is a best-of-both-worlds prospect.

I’m willing to bet this design is here to stay, so if it sounds appealing now, you can get in early. If you’d rather a more traditional or powerful setup, though, consider a full-size alternative like the OptiPlex 7770 AIO, or if you can run with macOS, the Apple Mac mini or an Apple iMac. Although you can’t separate the PC from the display in a typical AIO, a conventional AIO will have more space across which the PC maker can spread the hardware behind the screen, which means a more forgiving thermal situation and, potentially, easier access to the ports.

some ports are a little hard to reach


  • Clever space-saving design with essentially zero footprint.
  • Toolless access for installation and maintenance.
  • Options to include various stands, monitors.
  • Can support up to three displays.


  • So-so performance in test configuration.
  • Somewhat tricky-to-access port layout.
  • Can get more value out of traditional towers, all-in-one PCs.
why they never provide very short cables with these type of computers??

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