Oculus Quest 2 – Is it worth it?

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Oculus tinkered with standalone virtual reality with its Go headset, but it wasn’t until the Quest that the company really nailed a genuinely immersive VR experience without any cables. The Oculus Quest 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but with a more powerful processor, a sharper screen, and a lighter design. It does all of this for just $299.99, a full $100 less than the original Quest and significantly lower than competitors like the $699 HTC Vive Cosmos. Add optional PC tethering with an accessory cable, and you have a comprehensive VR system at the most reasonable price we’ve seen, earning our Editors’ Choice for VR headsets.

The Quest 2 is a self-contained headset that’s shipping on October 13th, and it’s an update to Oculus’ 2019 Quest. Oculus has kept that standalone Quest design with the same feature set, while improving its screen, reducing its weight, and — with one noteworthy caveat — making it more comfortable.

For PC VR, Rift S is a little sharper and more crisp than Quest 2 in Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop.  However, most users will find that Quest 2 is generally about as good as Rift S for desktop VR as long as your PC is powerful enough.  Quest 2 also makes it possible to play desktop VR games wirelessly if you have a 5Ghz router.   The downside is that during use, it is more likely to have occasional glitches such as sound becoming out of sync, or the video freezing momentarily.

Replacement Cables

The Oculus Quest 2 rings the death knell for Oculus’s tethered, PC-only headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S. It has confirmed to TechRadar that, going forward, its headsets will offer a combination of mobile and PC tethered play, rather than being solely PC-tethered hardware. 

Should you be lucky enough to have a decent-spec gaming PC, you can use the Oculus Quest 2 to tap into tethered virtual reality experiences powered by your computer. It’s simply a matter of plugging in a high speed USB 3.0 cable to your headset, setting up the PC-based Oculus launcher and store on your computer, and grabbing the apps that take your fancy.

This dramatically increases the amount of titles available to Oculus Quest 2 players, providing they have the PC hardware to power them. In addition, PC-based experiences, by virtue of the potential GPU horsepower behind them, can be more detailed and ambitious by an order of magnitude than their mobile counterparts. 

More accesories…

If you’re a PC gamer who wants the best detail, smoothest motion, and lowest latency, I recommend Rift S.  On the other hand, if you want a more versatile headset or if you want a wireless VR experience for greater immersiveness (at the expense of a little detail and motion that is a bit less smooth), then go for Quest 2.

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