DELL Thunderbolt Dock WD19TB

Dell USB-C docking station
low-priced USB-C docks

A great solution for multi-screen users.

It’s so nice to have a single cable handling power and connectivity. I used to buy all our staff a spare power adapter to keep in their bag, but this dock takes the place of their desk power adapter and they can keep the one that comes with their laptop in the bag.

lots of ports but the cable is not detachable

This dock even works fine with Latitude laptops that have USB-C for power but don’t support Thunderbolt. You’ll get a BIOS warning on boot, but you can set the BIOS to ignore that warning. Just know that you won’t get all the benefits of Thunderbolt’s increased data rate over conventional USB-C.

slick and elegant

Thhe main problem is that the USB-C cable is not detachable.

This is an expensive dock, its a shame to throw it out if something happens to the cable

The Price of this dock is around $260.

But if you wish to save your money, i have gathered some nice cheap USB-C docks you can purchase here

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