Lenovo ThinkPad T570 Booting the laptop results in an error: No device, check drive cable?

big ass laptop
  • This 15.6″ laptop can run for 27 hours on a single charge
  • Boasting powerful processing, a fast, smooth running operating system
  • Plenty of memory and solid-state storage for faster performance
  • Number pad on keyboard
  • Time-saving features, including a secure fingerprint

T570 SATA cable broken/loose at motherboard – System won’t boot

flimsy SSD connector is a known problem on this model

The ThinkPad T570 offers a comfortable keyboard, fantastic battery life and solid multitasking performance. A dim screen and warm bottom mean that this laptop is good enough for the office, but not quite sleek enough for frequent business travel or good enough for creative professionals.

Productivity workers who are willing to consider a smaller, 14-inch laptop will get longer battery life, a bright screen and a better typing experience from the ThinkPad T470.

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