M5 Smart Sport Tracker

M5 Sports Tracker

STORE PAGE: https://bit.ly/2EbzYrJ


Hey there kids,

Check out this nice little smart bracelet I got!

It’s M5 sports Tracker!

The box is pretty basic, it contains the smart-band, charger and a little instruction manual.

The build quality is simple but good and the silicone band feels nice on the hand.

After scanning the QR-Code in the user-manual, the pairing process is quick and easy.

This watch has many nice features; it can track your bio signs , notify you of new messages or alarm, it can help you find your phone, show weather, monitor your sleep, count your steps and more!

The battery lasts for a week and takes less than an hour to charge.

For this price, this is an awesome product and you should check it out.


You can buy it here: https://bit.ly/2EbzYrJ


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