Microsoft Modern USB-C Travel Hub

Check out this brand new Microsoft modern accessories pack, with wireless and wired headsets, a USB speaker and a travel adapter. I plan to upload a video review for each one of these items to finally let you know if its good or whack!

Here is the Microsoft modern USB-C Travel Hub.

Basically, this is a fancy-name adapter in a cool package.

Look at this snuggly fit. Truly superb packing job!

This travel hub has a gigabit ethernet jack, HDMI port, VGA port, a single USB port and one type-c hole.

The adapter made of this slick hard black plastic material with simplistic Microsoft logo in the center, and It has a built-in, rather short and flimsy, USB-C cable.

It also has this nifty hole where you can put the USB-C cable when it’s not in use.

The adapter is immediately recognized by windows when you plug it in and is ready to go.

Unfortunately, you can plug only one external monitor at a time. Not two at once.

It’s great that you can transfer files and charge your phone with the usb-c port. Its not something trivial, since the Dell travel hub, for example, does not recognize mobile phone at all.

So, what did I not like about this?

This hub can only support one monitor at a time. It only has one regular USB port, while it has physical room for more. It cannot charge my laptop, the type-c cable is not detachable, there’s no ethernet-activity LED and the price is too high for such limited functionality.

On the other hand, what is good about it?

It looks slick and it is well-built, it works as promised, and it supports android slow-charging and file access.

If you are looking for a nice travel adapter, for this price, I would advise skipping this one and finding something more feature rich.

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