Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset

Check out this brand new Microsoft modern accessories pack, with two types of headsets, a USB speaker and a travel adapter. I plan to upload a video review for each one of these items to finally let you know if its good or whack!

The first item in this series of reviews is the Modern Wireless Headset.

Just look at this nice hard box and the slick looking design! I bought these mainly because of this cool corporate look, although the price was very convenient as well.
So this is a “Microsoft Teams certified” headset. It means that teams software will prioritize this headset over any other connected audio device. In addition, it has the teams buttons which helps you quickly control the teams-software.
Inside this lovely package besides the headset, we also get the USB dongle and the type-c charging cable. Unfortunately, you cannot use the cable to transmit audio and turn these into a wired headphones.

The headband is adjustable and the padding is comfortable on the ears, like any other decent headset.

You can pair this set with up to 2 Bluetooth devices and with your computer using the usb-dongle, all simultaneously. The switching between the devices sometimes happens quick, and sometimes it takes a few seconds to switch.
These earphones are very pretty and feel high quality.
On the right side we got the volume control, which is completely smooth to the touch. It does look cool, but I would prefer if it had a nub of some sort to make it easier to spin…

On this side we also got the teams button with LED, the answer-call button and a mute button.
On the left side here’s the noise-canceling microphone, which is long enough but not elastic. It has the very nice flip to mute function and a small LED indicator. In addition we have here the power switch, the type-c port and the dedicated Bluetooth button. According to official specs, It takes approximately 2 hours for this headset to charge and it can deliver up to 50 hours of music or 30 hours of talk-time. While this headset is very elegant and pretty, unfortunately, the sound quality is simply bad when it comes to listening to music.  The microphone quality is not very good either. So if these things are important to you I would suggest buying something else.

For comparison, the wired-modern headset microphone quality is better than these.
But if you talking on teams all day and wish to look cool while doing it, these are perfect!

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