Kids Watch – Which one is the best?

Smarter or sillier? Which watch is the best and for who?
We reviewed these three most popular hottest watches for kids, so you won’t have to!

Aladeng W5 Android Watch for Kids

Check out this nice plastic cube-box. Inside we got the very popular W5 Android 9 watch.

According to the seller this model includes 4-core processor, 2 gigabytes of ram and 16 gigabytes of storage space. I have no idea how to easily control media volume here, so if you have a clue please write it in the comment bellow.
The watch is sturdy enough and runs a standard version of android 9. Its unfortunate it still uses micro USB cable instead of type-C. You can make regular phone-calls either via the built-in speaker or with a Bluetooth headset
Although the user manual is in English, its not always easy to understand.
The watch is thicker than I expected but its not too thick. There are 2 similar models of this watch, the H1 and the W5. They look slightly different but according to seller, the functionality is identical.
There are 2 cameras, which seem to have disappointing identical quality.
The 1080 mili-amps battery can be easily replaced if needed. Underneath the battery we got the sim and the SD card slots.
This watch supports many different languages, including Hebrew, just like any regular android would. The keyboard on this watch is so tiny, that I had to pair a Bluetooth mouse to operate it without cursing all the time. I have no idea how to easily control media volume here, so if you have a clue please write it in the comment bellow.
The google play store works fine and you can download and install almost any app.
Google Photos and google maps work well, including location sharing. But the GPS accuracy is not so great. Whatsap works well too, but I was not able to use it with whatsap web because the tiny screen cannot seem to render the QR code page properly.
Youtube also works not bad here and the video playback is smooth.
The cameras are pretty bad, and while the seller claims its HD quality, the images are small and  nowhere near HD quality.
The mobile companion app is not very good either. The design is outdated and there are not enough features. But at least there are no annoying commercial adds. In total, it is a cool gadget for kids. The product quality fits the relatively low price. If you want your kid to have some basic whatsap messaging, without all the forbidden pleasures of a convenient full-size android phone, this is a good solution.

Children 4G Smart Watch with GPS & Phone LT08

Check out this lovely box!

It’s the new inexpensive gps smart watch for kids.

It comes with colorful and comprehensive user guide.

The build quality feels solid.

On the left side we have the sim card slot and on the right side we got the home and SOS buttons.

And here is the charger, the little screwdriver, and a small surprise. Very thoughtful.

This charger is kinda clunky but it works. The charge speed is pretty slow for a small battery like this in my opinion.

Once you turn on the watch it makes a lowd noise, I am not sure its possible to disable it. It can be problematic in some situations.

It’s a very basic version of android, with just a few enough apps to make this watch fun, but not a total distraction for a child in school.

There are plenty of languages to chose from. And there are also quite a few watch faces.

The voice and video calls all work well and there are even a couple of learning games.

Overall this a cool phone watch to give to a child to keep track and stay in touch.

For this price I totally recommend.

Minecraft Kids Watch with Camera and voice recorder

The Minecraft kids watch is the slimmest and the lightest of the three.
As it’s light in size and weight, its also light in features. You cannot make phone calls with this one.
It does not have any wireless capability, but it is fun for the little ones with its built-in camera and voice recorder.
The cheapest price and the cool design make it great toy for kids and a lot of fun!

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