Jabra Stealth Talk 45 Bluetooth


Take a look at this Jabra Stealth Talk 45 Bluetooth headset.
I got it from AliExpress for a suspiciously low price.

This earpiece is available in two colors, all-black and this, silver one.

I like the slim design and the light-weight, it feels pretty solid and robust.
This metal-lookin part looks cool too.

Its unfortunate it still uses micro-USB port instead of type-C.

Looking closer, we got the power switch and two more buttons. According to product page this headset supposed to deliver superior comfort, HD quality sound and a noise canceling microphone. In addition, it should activate Siri and Google Now by tapping a dedicated button directly on the headset.
But unfortunately, after some testing, none of these promises seem to be true.
While the sound is exceptionally loud, the quality is not HD at all. I have cheaper headsets which sound much better. The microphone quality is not great either and if there is some noise canceling here, its not so noticeable.

The dedicated google assistant button, does not launch any assistant feature, instead it just reduces the volume or something unclear. Not useful at all.

When it comes to comfort, its also not so great. The speaker is very wide and may hurt some smaller ears. The optional ear hook is hard plastic and may be ok for small ears, but it just hurt mine and totally unusable.

Overall, this earpiece is good if you want to look cool without paying much while listening to some youtube. But if you are looking for a quality headset for work, you should get something real.

On the other hand, the Plantronics Voyager series is an amazing headset. It’s expensive but it’s great for work. The buttons actualy work, the sound is crisp and its very comfortable.

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