Xiaomi Writing Pad Blackboard

Is it the best pad?

Howdy folks,

Check out this writing board by xiaomi!

They say it’s one of the best drawing pads out there and the price is very attractive.

There are 3 different sizes to chose from, the smallest is 10 inch, the largest is 20, and this one is a nice 13.5″ in the middle.

 It is very thin and light-weight, I like it already.
The design is very simple and minimalistic. We got here only the erase button and a lock switch.

This pad uses a single CR2025 battery, which supposed to last for a very long time.

The matt screen and the stylus are very comfortable and it is pressure sensitive.

The lock switch is useful when you want to prevent accidental erase.

You can also download a mobile app which can help you to save your drawings.

The stylus pen attaches magnetically to the right side of the blackboard.

Overall this is a lovely blackboard, its great for kids, for students and for any other random doodlers.

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