Microsoft Modern USB Headset

Check out this brand new Microsoft modern accessories pack, with wireless and wired headsets, a USB speaker and a travel adapter. I plan to upload a video review for each one of these items to finally let you know if its good or whack!

Take a look at this Modern USB headset.

This is an elegant budget solution with wired remote control, optimized for teams meetings and calls.

Like the rest of these Microsoft modern accessories, this headset also comes in a nice hard box.

Everything is nicely packed inside. There’s nothing of interest in the box besides the headset itself.

This USB wire doesn’t seem to be very long.
But I guess its long enough if you don’t move around too much.

The remote control looks very nice, and it has all these useful buttons with indicator led.

The plastic and the ear pads feel quality as well. It seem sturdy and flexible enough for any shape of head.

This headset is perfect for meetings and voice, the microphone is also pretty good for this price, the remote control is handy, and the design is cool.

But if you wish to listen to some music, these are a terrible choice.
Music sound like it coming out of a tin can on this headset.

So, if you want a cool look and a comfortable price these are perfect, but if you like music, better get Logitech or Jabra.

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