XIAOMI Smart Band 7 Pro – Can it Sync with Zepp Life??

short answer? No. Long answer? Still no…

Howdy folks,

Check out this new Xiaomi sport band 7 pro.

I ordered this global version band from Aliexpress.
The package is slightly dented, and it looks like it was previously opened, but as long as the watch is undamaged, I don’t mind.

where to buy?

Inside we get a thick and useless user manual, a short magnetic charging cable and the band itself.

The good

The watch feels light, relatively thin, and well-built. The rubber strap is flexible and the buckle is great to ensure this will not fall from your hand, like it often happened with other mi band models.
The magnetic charging cable can only connect in one way and will not let you to connect it wrongly.

The charging speed is relatively quick

This global version band, has many popular languages, including Russian and Hebrew.
The AMOLED screen is bright and crisp, and the user interface is responsive and looks colorful and pretty. According to the specs, this band has built-in GPS,  Alexa digital assistant and NFC payment feature.
The sport tracking features work fine and there are many watch faces to choose from. I also liked the notifications feature, which seem to work well.

So what’s wrong with this band then?

Well… The “events” feature does not work. As opposed to all the other Xiaomi Fit band models, this one cannot work with “Zepp Life” app, and requires special Chinese app – called “Mi Fitness”, which is very limited in comparison. So if you have other Xiaomi devices, such as smart scale for example, it’s a great inconvenience.
In addition, this band does not sync to google fit. This causes half of my daily steps fail to register.
If you install Strava app, you can sync some of your activity with google fit, but it’s still far from perfext.

Also, the NFC payment is not working and the Alexa assistant is not available in every country.
Would it be so hard to put Google assistant instead?? In addition, this watch has an annoying alarm clock which wakes me up at 8 every morning, even on weekends! And I cannot find where this can be disabled.

In short, while this watch has the potential to be the best of its kind, but it totally misses this opportunity.

This product is a big disappointment and, but its so nice and elegant, so i think i will keep it anyway.

Stay in school.

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