What we do when gaming PC blows up?

It happened when i came home one day from work and, as usual, pushed the power button on my gaming desktop computer.

But instead of regular fan noise i heard a strange pop and then a loud electrical explosion, with sparks and smoke and all that came out of the back of my PC!

one of those unfortunate days when your power supply blows up

Just after the terror receded off my face I was on my phone, checking warranty terms for my 3 year old corsair power supply.

I made this video shortly after buying my gaming computer

As i have pleasantly discovered, the warranty term for this Corsair 650W psu is 10 years.

malfunctions like this are a great opportunity to clean shit up

Without hesitation i have opened up my case and pulled out the stinky power supply.
The KSP store refused to accept this without the cables, so i had to make another trip to bring them these stupid cables.

on his last journey to PSU cemetery

After about a week i got a brand new CoolerMaster V650 GOLD V2 which looks great!

not too shabby

But my PC still doesn’t turn on! 😖😱🥵😭😩

I hoped it will not get to this but I guess now its time to look up my motherboard warranty

This is nightmare! Now i need to disassemble all of this to pull out this board! But its a chance to save 1000 sheqels. And i would need to pull it out either way eventually?

its a mess

I had a quick though, maybe i just buy new pc? move the disks and go on with my life? But there’s just not yet a product available which will be considerably better.

So fuck this, i will not be lazy and just do it…

starting to unplug everything

About half way through the unplug process, i suddenly had a feeling to give this another test. I plugged in the power and in a second the RGB light lit up and the fans start spinning!

computers are not exact science, they work at the will of the spirits

After some testing i realized that my computer will not turn on with PCIX power plug connected into my GPU, the PSU just makes 2 clicks and nothing happens. But once i disconnect the pcix plug from the gpu, the pc turn on no problem. Weird huh?

stock AMD cooling – no need for nothing fancier

OK, i guess i need to get this MSI GTX1080 tested ASAP! But first, lets put back the stock cooling.

back in the good ol days
taking out my MSI GTX1080
the fan on my custom Kraken G12 was making noise so i disconnected it, No issue now
lets remove these metal plates

oh yeah! the good stuff!
I cleaned the card and put back the stock cooling but the card still seem to be shortening the PSU..

Oh shit!!! Oh crap!! My gpu is out of warranty! Why does shit always hit the fan one month after warranty is over?! And have you guys seen the state of the GPU market?? This nightmare is worse than i expected… 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤯🤯

New development; After i have realized that my GPU shortens out my computer, i decided to strip it naked and properly eye every component, here’s what I found (its pretty impressive if you been reading this far);

after removing metal plates. do you see the problem?
3 tiny capacitors blew up
here they are up close
this is what it looks like after i scrapped them a little

I know it is a long shot but i will try to fix it. Because what choice do i have?

I have bought and installed used GTX1080 from a friend for 1k sheqels, it is working.
Suddenly repairing the old card doesn’t feel as urgent…

spit shine

After installing the card, as soon as i run any game or put any strain on it, the middle fan makes a rattling noise! Guys! don’t buy these 3 fan cards! The more fans you got, the more chance one of them will start making noise!

Anyway, i can’t work like this. I still have my good ol kraken g12 bracket and the the Corsair H90 AiO water cooling.
I was considering to use the H90 to cool my Ryzen 1700 CPU, but i realized that it does not support AM4 socket. So instead of fixing the noisy GPU fan, i will remove stock cooling entirely and replace it with the Kraken G12+H90 combo.
I also bough a new fan for the H90 (140mm Corsair RGB) and a new quiet Noctua 92mm fan for the kraken g12 unit.

Gigabyte GTX1080 stripped of stock cooling
attaching G12 brackets
don’t forget the paste
brand new noctua fan and new corsair 14cm fan
must be tight
inside the case
idle temperature
Load temperature

The results are pretty good and i can use my PC comfortably again!

All these days go by as I’m without my computer. As an alternative i had to switch to Samsung DEX

its ok.. but not without problems
lenovo USB-C dock gen 2

This post is a work in progress and i will keep to update until this adventure comes to an end…

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