new XBOX Series X Controller – EASY PAIRING WITH PC

where to buy?

Check out this nice sturdy box! Its the brand new Robot-White xbox controller by microsoft! 
Inside the box we get the controller, a pair of batteries and code for 14 days of free Gamepass Ultimate subscription. 

Best offers on Amazon:

Buttons noise is about the same as in previous controller model. 
This comes with simple generic batteries but Microsoft also sells optional rechargeable batteries pack. 

Finaly a USB type-C port! I am really looking forward to the day when I ditch my last microusb device. 

Best offers on Amazon:

To pair it with the PC, 
First, turn on the controller it will start flashing slowly. 
Then, Press the pairing button until you see it flashes faster. 
Make sure your PC Bluetooth is turned on and in a few seconds you should see a popup on your desktop. 

Need Wireless adapter for your PC?

That’s it! Your device is ready to go and any new game will recognize it seamlessly, without changing any game settings.  
With this new controller you can also double tap the pairing button to quickly switch between your xbox or pc. 

Don’t lose your thumbs! 


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