Dell Latitude E7250 RAM & mSATA SSD Upgrade

Only 2 screws to open the back cover and a single screw for SSD. Well done Dell!

Business notebooks are rarely inspiring; they are usually solid and offer unrestricted suitability for daily use. Dell still tries to create some fascination on the desk with the Latitude E7250: The chassis is made of high-quality materials like carbon, aluminum as well as magnesium and the construction is easily accessible for tinkerers. The battery runtimes are good enough for a long flight without a socket. 

These aspects are combined with typical business features like port variety, long warranty period and comprehensive security features. The WLAN signal is also good, and the display can impress with a sharp picture and accurate colors. A docking port is obviously a standard feature, and the input devices are impressive.

We are not really happy with the temperature development under load and the fact that the high-pitched fan is quite loud in this case. The glossy touchscreen can be removed from the options list, which would also improve the rather heavy weight. The missing VGA port could be annoying for some users, especially if you forgot the corresponding adaptor.

Overall, there is not much criticism for the Latitude E7250, but you do not get many reasons to upgrade if you already have the predecessor on your desk: The new Intel processor generation is not that much faster and will not be noticeable in practice, nothing has really changed in the chassis and the predecessor was already equipped with the comprehensive security features.

However, if you are looking for a portable and reliable business notebook with a good display and excellent maintainability, then you can stop your search. The price is also quite moderate in comparison with devices from Lenovo or HP.

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