How to install internal 4G modem on Lenovo laptop

wrong tray??

Hey there fancy people,

Recently I had this crazy idea to get rid of those flimsy protruding usb cellular modems and install a nice internal LTE modem on my slick ThinkPad X390.

I went ahead and ordered 2 compatible cellular modems.

Check out this huge box! What do you think is inside? Lenovo you really outdone yourself with this ridiculous packaging!

X390 – a nice junior manager laptop

Ok, now close up on the actual hardware.

Here we got generic LTE W-WAN Module with M.2 interface. Its based on Intel 7360 platform and, according to specs, supports downlink speed of up to 450Mbps (Mega-bits-per-second) and an uplink speed of up to 50Mbps. In short, pretty basic cellular modem.

You can buy it here

And here is my brand-new Lenovo ThinkPad X390. And here is the sim slot, so we good to go.


First let’s open up these 5 screws.

Now lift the cover. Use prying tool if you don’t like to put your nails to work.

Here is the free M.2 slot. Lets just go ahead and unscrew this. Move the antenna cables away and insert the modem. Then put the screw back.

Now lets just connect the antenna cables. These are very small and delicate, so you should try to be gentle. The colors should match as well.

OK, now after we connected the modem and closed the back cover, its time to insert the sim card!

Imagine my surprise when I got this sim-tray out. I didn’t immediately realize what ta hell.

But after a second or two I figured that this tray can never hold a sim.

Why Lenovo?? Why you forgot to cut a hole for sim card in some of these trays?? It doesn’t cost you anything to do it!

tray for only SD Card. No cut for sim

Other than the fact that I can’t insert a sim-card, the modem works perfectly and is recognized by windows automatically, without the need of any special driver or anything.

this is how it supposed to be

I have sent a complaint to my Lenovo vendor. But I doubt they will have a quick solution.

So if you guys plan to do something like this, you better double check you have a good hole in your tray.


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