Royal Kludge RK61 Gaming mini-keyboard with RGB

small but sturdy
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I just got this mechanical mini-keyboard from banggood.

Just By looking at the box I can see that; It’s RK61 Red Switch Bluetooth keyboard with RGB by Royal Kludge And it was manufactured in China over 2 years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it comes with a type-c cable.

Also in the box, a short instruction manual and a tool of some sort, to pull out keys I assume.

black or white?

This keyboard is relatively heavy and seem to have a nice sturdy build. There’s also an on/off switch for bluetooth on the back.

When connecting the USB cable, you get a nice RGB effect and the key is ready to go.

mechanical or quiet? Which you prefer?

This mini-keyboard has only 61 keys, which means, there are a lot of key-combinations you will need to remember. It’s best to keep the instruction manual within reach.

There are many color and pattern effects to choose from. You can also control the speed of the effect, all that to produce the perfect RGB effect to match your mood.

The Red Switch keys are very nice and “typy”. It’s pure pleasure to push these buttons.

But if you work in an open-space this might annoy some co-workers.

You can pair up to 3 bluetooth devices and easily switch between them with a key-combo.

For example, you can seamlessly switch between your mobile phone and your pc, without any effort.

The RGB effect will stop after few seconds to preserve battery life when its in full wireless mode.

Gaming performance is also pretty solid and I have not felt any noticeable latency while on Bluetooth.

Here I compare the size and the noise level with my good ol Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Set. Overall I enjoy using this, but I would prefer if they switch between the function and the ctrl keys and unless you must have the most minimalistic size, I would advise on getting a bigger model because all these key combinations are a bitch to remember.


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