POCKETGO Handheld emulator

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Hey there retro-games lovers.

Check out this nice little pocket console I just got!

It’s the “PocketGo” by “Bittboy”!  Its an entry level hand-held emulator device.

entry level emulation device

It comes with this nice hard-case, 32GB micro SD Card, SD Card reader, short microUSB cable, instruction sheet and a set of 4 colorful replacement-buttons.

supports thousands of classic games

The first thing I notice about this is how it is incredibly small and light. It’s hard to have a good grip of this thing and I keep pressing the trigger buttons accidentally.

But other than that, this unit comes with a bunch of built—in classic games in advance.

microUSB charging

The PocketGo is awesome for most 8 and 16 bit games, but as higher as you go, things will get slower.

I had some wonderful experience playing, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Gameboy color and Gameboy Advanced.

slick and slim

This console also comes with a few pre-loaded DOS games, such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom Quake and more. All of these games run well, and I enjoyed playing them.

There are also classic arcade machine games and others, you won’t get bored, guaranteed.

hard case

It’s very easy to find almost any Rom online and download it to the device memory card with the included adapter.

Overall I think this a great and inexpensive device. You can have a lot of fun with it.

feather light

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