Lenovo ThinkPad T470 – Unboxing & Disassemble

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opening up the Lenovo ThinkPad T470

The ThinkPad T470 put up a convincing performance in many sections, despite some drawbacks. The new chassis is only slightly smaller and lighter than before, but both the build quality and the stability are very good. The keyboard is still one of the best inputs in the mobile segment, only a slightly brighter background illumination would be nice.

Lenovo also improved the port selection for this update and implements all important standards, including the future-proof Thunderbolt 3. The connectivity is rounded off by the fast WiFi module and the comprehensive security features.

The performance of the laptop is very good and there are no limitations even under extreme workloads. Lenovo increases the power consumption of the processor, so the Core i7 processor is – compared to many rivals – an interesting option. The cooling solution does not have any problems with the ULV chip.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T470 is a very good business notebook. Only picture editing is not possible on the panel due to the limited color gamut and the comparatively high color deviations.

The display is still one of the biggest drawbacks, although Lenovo improved the luminance as well as the contrast ratio. It is not suited for picture editing, you will probably once again have to upgrade to the more expensive T470s (review soon) for this purpose. Asus recently launched ZenBook UX3410 showed what a good 14-inch panel looks like. We would obviously prefer a better panel, but have to take a look at the target audience as well. Most companies will not use the ThinkPad T470 for picture editing, and if they do, they will probably use it in combination with large external monitors. Subjectively, however, we are happy with the panel.

The last aspect is the high price of more than 1,600 Euros. However, you also have to consider the three-year on-site service, which is often an optional upgrade for the competitors. The 512 GB NVMe-SSD increases the price, too. You can save some bucks with a standard SSD, and it will not really affect the subjective performance.

Overall, the ThinkPad T470 is currently one of the best office laptops thanks to the low emissions, the great input devices, the good performance, and long battery runtimes.

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