Reviving the old Dell Vostro 3350 with some SSD

ssd brings new life to this years old laptop

Swap out the old hard disk in your laptop for a speedy SSD and you’ll get more than quicker boot times. Your data will be safer, your laptop will be quieter and you might even see longer battery life. Priced have dropped massively in the last couple of years: now’s the time to upgrade.

cheapest ssd i found in my local store

SSDs use flash memory which is considerably faster than the old hard disk in your laptop. Install an SSD and you should see two immediate benefits: faster boot times and faster application load times. SSDs can be spectacularly fast at reading data, although their write performance varies depending on whether they’re dealing with large or small files, and whether those files can be compressed or not.

specs say 8GB ram is maximum…

First, check your BIOS and make sure your disk mode is set to AHCI.

If not, check out this Windows kb and update the registry as they indicate: Then, change the disk mode for your disk controllers to AHCI (from IDE or Legacy) in the BIOS. If your disk mode is already set to AHCI, you don’t need to do anything above.

old spinner

Before upgrading the old hard disk, we timed our Vostro 3350 and it took exactly 60 seconds to boot to the Windows login screen. After cloning the hard disk and booting (from cold, just as with the hard disk test) from the SSD, we saw the Windows login screen in just 19 seconds. We weren’t expecting such a huge improvement: that’s three times quicker.

great opportunity for a spit shine clean windows 10


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